Spatial Drone // LEGROOM Manchester

  Spatial Drone is a synthesizer improvisation which excites the fundamental resonant frequencies of a given architectural space. This is an improvisation which aims to subject a stationary audience to a range of body-listening experiences by putting the room into a range of contrasting resonant vibratory… Read more

Resonant Topologies: Listening Led Movement – Collaboration with Tora Hed and Hannah Buckley // The Calder – Hepworth Wakefield

    Resonant Topologies: Listening-led Movement Every building has its own harmonic language; resonant frequencies are frequencies whose wavelengths directly match the size and shape of a given acoustic space. They energetically reinforce themselves and perceived as significantly louder than a non-resonant frequency. When resonant… Read more

TONGUE // How Nice It Is

This is to introduce a project that I have been working on with three friends and collaborators. TONGUE is a band project, consisting of two trombones, vocals and electronics / synthesisers. We released our debut E.P. with Don’t Delay records on 1 September with an audio-visual… Read more

Modes of Resonance

Modes of Resonance is the first installation that I created for my PhD project. It was installed in the Clothworkers Centenary Concert hall for the sound;space;play symposium at the University of Leeds in May 2015. The installation explores resonant modes across the human range of… Read more

g·bop orchestra Spaces Between UK tour

Last week I was on tour with g·bop orchestra, led by the excellent composer and percussionist Greta Eacott. g·bop orchestra is a project very close to my hear, and something that I have been involved in since 2013. The line-up of the ensemble is amorpus and ever-changing.… Read more

Oxford Place: Resonances

I want to recall the questions that I asked at the beginning of my last post: Are we more ‘in the world’ or ‘in space’ when we are in resonance? Does space become a different entity when we experience it in this way? More generally,… Read more