Reflection // Position [2018]

Sonic intervention

Exhibited at Odrathek Festival, London, 2018

Sounds are never just their source: they are the product of what is emitted and its mixing with the world. They unfold, resonate, reverberate, reflect and refract, reaching a listener to describe the space in which they find themselves, its materiality, size, shape, the origin of the sound and the listener’s position. Reflection // Position is a loudhailer array that creates the possibility for a multitude of architectural spaces to be explored through listening and movement. Sound signals physically interact with the acoustics of the chosen space, producing reflection patterns that form an environment of sounds — an impulse topography — waiting to be heard. In any given location, the pattern of direct and reflected sound — the impulse signature — describes to a listener, from their position and orientation in a space, its size, shape and quality relative to the position of the loudspeaker. This intervention renders the architectural spaces in which it is located as acoustic perceptual fields; potentialities for sonic exploration. The work is site-generic, allowing a multitude of architectural sites — inside and outside, private and public — to be explored and unpacked through listening.

images by Sunny Vowels and Yannis Katsaris

video by Sunny Vowles

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