Spatial Drone II [2017]

Performance work. Developed in collaboration with James Seabrook

Performed at LEGROOM, Manchester, 2017

Spatial Drone II is a resonant architectural meditation for solo Tuba. In a preparation phase, the player works stepwise through the register of their instrument in different parts of a space, in order to find the location at which most resonant frequencies may be perceived. They settle in this location and note all of the pitches and tunings where their instrument provokes resonant responses. For each of these pitches, the player then uses a number of instrumental techniques — embouchure manipulation, harmonics, pitch bending —  which affect the nature of the manifestation of resonant phenomena in the space. During this process, the player only sounds in order to listen. They listen in order to evoke the broadest range of resonant sensations as is possible. In a performance phase, the player relays their process of resonant discovery: an audience is brought into resonant agreement with a space through the tuba player’s intimate and personal process of sounding and listening.  

images by Ellie Wildman

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