For Someone Who Has Never Performed a Resonance [2019]

Performance intervention and loudspeaker installation

Exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, London as part of Alternate Languages: Confronting Boundaries

For Someone Who Has Never Performed a Resonance draws attention to how architectural spaces shape the voices within them. In this sonic intervention, singers conducted improvisations in four contrasting locations within the RA in which — through a process of sounding and listening — they tune their voices towards the resonant properties of each of these architectural locations. Through this act, each singer turns the usually implicit relationality between voice and space into an active interrogation: an aural meditation on the architectural environment. These improvisations are recorded, arranged, and played back into each of the spaces in which they were conducted via loudspeakers. Passing visitors hear the acoustic characters of these spaces as animated by the listening subjectivities of the singers.

images by Yannis Katsaris

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