Spatial Drone [2017]

Performance work

Performed at LEGROOM, Manchester, 2017; East Street Arts, Leeds, 2019; Walmer Yard, London, 2019

In Spatial Drone, a subtractive synthesiser acts as a tool for uncovering the resonant characteristics of an architectural space. The player conducts a resonant listening-led exploration in relation to a series of processes. During this exploration, the performer forms resonant sonic understandings of the space by experiencing the ways in which the changing manifestation of phenomena play on ear and body. What is heard — aurally and somatically — determines the manner in which the processes play out; where the player chooses to pause and the types of resonant phenomena they choose to emphasise. The player thus uncovers what may be excited by the synthesiser entirely in terms of their own experience. This is an intimate act in which a performer’s physical response to resonant sensations determines the audience’s experience: an audience is brought into resonant vibration with an architectural space in a manner that is entirely guided by the subjective physical experience of the performer.

images by Jules Lister

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