Tableau Funaire (after Henry Purcell) – with Tongue and Musarc [2017]

Performance work

As TONGUE (with Tim Slater, Dan Jacobs and Huw Thomas) and in collaboration with Musarc choir

Performed at Palais De Tokyo, Paris as part of Festival Do Disturb, 2017; mk Gallery, 2017

This theatrical rendition of Purcell’s Funeral Sentences for the Death of Queen Mary brought Musarc together with the trombone, electronics and vocal timbre of TONGUE (a collaboration with musicians Huw Thomas (Glad Hand), Timothy Slater (Adult Jazz) and Dan Jacobs (AEVA, Glad Hand, Makeness). Huw Thomas’ solo vocals form an image of the ‘man who is born’, or the ‘man who remembers that we are mortal’ – both a listener as well as a performer, whilst trombones and synthesizer replace the original continuo part. Around this juxtaposition, Musarc explore how they ‘exist’ in this performance space as a choir – slowly moving, interacting, rendering a theatrical tableau. This work was performed in front of a vast, arc-shaped mirror designed by Musarc’s artistic director, Joseph Kohlmaier.

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