Improper Conversations // Adrian Rifkin // Nina Wakeford // Central Saint Martins

I recently had the pleasure of being involved in a performative talk led by Adrian Rifkin at Central Saint Martins. Adrian Rifkin, a senior writer and art critic, has been working with Nina Wakeford to develop a style of ‘improper’ presenting. He no longer talks about or directly critiques art, but instead, talks ‘alongside it’, offering his commentary as an almost-phenomenology, which is relayed nostalgically and personally via various musical selections, which emanate through his bluetooth speaker.

Nina Wakeford and I conducted what could be described as a Choreographisis, interrupting Adrian’s personal monologue with speech and song, and in his process, extrapolating, abstracting and re-guiding it. The talk was a doing of practice-led research, a process in which  the moment of insight was located in a moment, and created by spontaneous, unplanned acts.