Leeds Eastside – What If?

In 2020, Leeds Civic Trust launched the ‘Eastside’ design competition, asking how the eastern part of Leeds’ city centre could be reimagined. This large tract of land, taking in Quarry Hill, East Street and Marsh Lane is home to thousands of people, and includes some of the city’s key employers and cultural and educational institutions. But its potential is held back by a road network that makes navigation on foot difficult, whilst natural features such as the Lady Back are largely covered over, and a piecemeal approach to development has failed to create a coherent sense of place.

The entries submitted to the Eastside competition converged around a series of key themes; variously proposing to daylight the Lady Beck, engage in mass tree planting, remove roads to create a cohesive network of public spaces, improve pedestrian access to the city for local residents, and celebrate the wealth of cultural institutions in the area.

This narrative sound walk celebrates the potential of the Eastside. It will guide you through the Eastside, inviting you to listen to its spaces, both as they are and as they might be. You’ll also hear voices of local people who live, work and play in this part of the city. Follow the map below to find the start point.