DŹWIĘKO DZIAŁKA 2017 // Alvin Lucier’s Vespers // Wschowa, Poland

Dźwięko Działka is a mixed arts festival in Wschowa, Poland. This year I gave a workshop as part of the festival. Here’s the description:


Spatio-Rhythmic Listening

This workshop engages participants in a listening-led exploration of the architectural site of DŹWIĘKO DZIAŁKA, by conceiving of humans as bat-like echolocators. Armed with sound emission devices, the participants are blindfolded and guided in several games which connect human subjects to the architectural layout of the site, as well as each other, through playing and listening. In these games everybody is a listener, but each listener is also participant, performer and audience member. In this context, a series of individuals morph into an interdependent group whose characteristics are constantly shifting, and contingent on the interrelationships between each and every listener and the architectural spaces in which they find themselves.


The final ‘game’ in the workshop took the form of an arrangement of Alvin Lucier’s piece Vespers. See it documented in the video below: