Collaboration with Stuart Mellor // Resonant Topologies // Audiovisual Installation // Leeds Light Night

Every site has its own harmonic language; resonant frequencies are acoustic phenomena whose wavelengths are directly related to a given set of spatial configurations and dimensions – a site’s breath – borne directly from shape and material construction.
They energetically reinforce themselves and are perceived as significantly louder than a non-resonant frequency. They embody the physical space, and relate it the soft bodies who intersect it. This immerses the listeners in a lattice of pressure waves that are both heard and felt.

This installation reveals the unique acoustic signature of a given site; its resonant frequencies are calculated and played back into the site, creating a Resonant Topology – a three dimensional lattice of harmonic material, loud and null spots, which can be physically explored to reveal the space through sound.

This aural exploration of a site is visually revealed and made explicit through light: A web page accessible through each audience member’s phone guides them through the auditory environment by converting frequency to colour and loudness to brightness. The mobile app makes an inward and implicit listening experience of space outward and explicit by converting what is aurally perceived into colour and light values.

These colour and light values create a sociality of listening in the space: as more visitors enter the space, the resonant topology begins to be revealed in its entirety, and interaction between listeners takes place in response to visual cues. A birds-eye-view camera captures the slow revealing of the Resonant Topology through light as well as the social interactions that underpin it.