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Modes of Resonance

Modes of Resonance is the first installation that I created for my PhD project. It was installed in the Clothworkers Centenary Concert hall for the sound;space;play symposium at the University of Leeds in May 2015. The installation explores resonant modes across the human range of… Read more

Thoughts on Resonance

I am interested in the ways that we can experience space through resonance. Are we more ‘in the world’ or ‘in space’ when we are in resonance? Does space become a different entity when we experience it in this way? More generally, does space become… Read more


I recently took part in a collaborative commission, which was part of the Yorkshire Year of the Textile Arts Council funded project at the University of Leeds. The piece, Thread, is a synthesis of music, dance and light, and was performed for Leeds Light Night on 7… Read more

‘Sonic’ Architecture

I have started a collaboration with architect Lara Karady, with the aim of creating some human-scale public architecture that engages people with sound: this provides a novel opportunity to take a spatial approach to sound rather than a sonic approach to space. This blog post… Read more

New Sketches

I’m currently working on a number of installations which use rhythmic reflection to engage listeners with space. There are some images below. I’ll post on each piece when they are finished.

Game Boy Phase

In December, I had the pleasure of being involved in a performance of Piano Phase by Steve Reich, on Nintendo Game Boys as part of the Musarc Christmas concert as St George’s church, Bloomsbury. The performance was featured alongside interventions and performances by Neil Luck, Claudia Molitor and Uriel… Read more

Untitled #03

I recently had the pleasure of being featured as a ‘Hidden Artist’ in Untitled #03 magazine. ‘East Street Arts, Marion Harrison and Thompson Brand Partners have collaborated to produce the 3rd edition of the British Art Show publication, ‘Untitled’. We set out to find and profile… Read more