Biorhythm // Science Gallery // Health Museum // Houston, TX

My Listening Devices were selected to be part of the Science Gallery Biorhythm exhibition for its stint at the Health Museum in Houston TX. The exhibition was originally shown at Science Gallery Dublin in 2010, and has since been touring different cities around the world, including Taipei, Singapore, Manilla and New York. See below for the original description of Biorhythm.


What makes us dance? Why do we sing the blues? Could there be a formula for the perfect hit?

Music is a central part of the human experience, but what is the natural force that drives us to sing, strum, drum and dance? What is the scientific basis of whistling, humming and toe-tapping?

Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker recently claimed that music is “auditory cheesecake”, designed to tickle parts of our brain designed for more serious purposes like speech and abstract reasoning. Darwin, on the other hand, preferred to think that music and dance evolved as an integral part of human courtship rituals. George Bernard Shaw more racily described dancing as “the vertical expression of a horizontal desire”. Our brains, ears and vocal chords are exquisitely designed for enjoying and creating music.

From an acoustic bed to sonic tables and experiments on your emotional response to pop music, Science Gallery’s Summer exhibition BIORHYTHM will allow you to feel how music moves your body through an interactive bazaar of unique sonic experiences, installations, experiments and performances from musicians, engineers and neuroscientists from around the world.