After Vespers: Architectural Soundwalk // LEGROOM Manchester

After Vespers: Architectural Sound Walk is a realisation of a series of games which aim to connect performer-participants with the architectural space that they occupy through impulses created from hand-held percussion instruments. In collaboration with a group of local artists who volunteered as percussionists, I worked these games into a single performance which spanned multiple architectural sites. This performance aimed to create understandings of architectural spaces through the creation of sonic impulses whose resulting acoustic responses determine the rules of games and pieces – echo, reverb, reflection.

An audience was lead round a series of architectural sites in central Manchester, which were sonically activated in various ways. The audience hear the spaces through which they are lead framed and reframed in relation to sounds that are emitted and patterns of movement which take place. This performance was created in a participatory workshop on 24 November.

After Vespers: Architectural Sound Walk